Artist Of The Week: Lana Del Rey

Ah, the infamous Lana del rey. Lana del rey is very special to my heart, she saved me from my darkest moments, and taught me that in those moments, there is always true beauty, but enough about me, Elizabeth Grant a.k.a Lana del rey is a indie pop singer with a very sultry, dark sound. Her hit singles include: “Young & Beautiful“, “Born To Die“, and my personal favorite “Video games” Lana stood out to me because she sings of hardship, and struggles, and a lot of the time her themes aren’t positive, like alcoholism, abuse, drugs, but she sings about these things in such a carefree tone, and her voice seduces you into wanting to have this lush life style of being crazy, and chasing and doing everything you can for the man you love.

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Top 8 Looks From The 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards

The 2017 Golden Globe Awards took place this past week, and it was the hub for fashion, and celebrities to showcase, not only their achievements within the world of theatre, and film, but to showcase the variety of designers such as Valentino, Gucci, Murad, etc. This list consist of the top 8 looks that walked down the red carpet. Continue reading “Top 8 Looks From The 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards”

Style Icon: Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan is an Australian artist who got his start on youtube with a stunning 4.1 million subscribers. He is most know for his recent album Blue Neighborhood, which features various artist such as Broods, AllDay, Tkay Maidza, Alex hope, and many other talented artist. Troye sivan stays one of my favorite artist of all time, he inspires many LGBT+ youth with coming out, and acceptance. One of my favorite shoots of troye is for LGBT magazine Out. Continue reading “Style Icon: Troye Sivan”